14th ICPP 2016 (EN)

14th International Conference for Philosophical Practice (ICPP) 2016 in Bern

Philosophical practice exists since antiquity, under this name, however, only for about 30 years. Since this time the concept particularly initiated by Gerhard Achenbach has spread worldwide and deepened. Out of it a substantial, versatile international movement has developed.
Philosophical practice is based on the conviction that philosophizing has not only purely theoretical knowledge as its aim, but that it is helpful to understand the human existence and questions of the everyday life from philosophical background and in philosophical way. Philosophical practitioners are convinced that the philosophical dialogue can be helpful for one’s orientation in life.
Since 1994 international conferences for philosophical practice have taken place, in many different countries of the world. In 2016 we, the network for practical philosophizing philopraxis.ch, plans to carry out the 14th ICPP in Berne. The network philopraxis.ch exists since 2002 and has about 30 members.


Berne, the capital of Switzerland; in the Campus Muristalden


Thursday, 4.8. – Monday, 8.8.2016

Expected number of participants

125 – 200


We cooperate with the adult education center (Volkshochschule) Berne, the college Campus Muristalden and the electronic meeting-place of philosophical practitioners AGORA. We hope to find sponsors so that philosophical practitioners with small budgets can afford the participation.
Topic: Understanding the other and oneself (Den/die/das Andere und sich selbst verstehen // Comprendre l’autre et soi-même // Capire l’altro e si stesso)

Form of the conference

The 14th ICPP 2016 mainly is a conference of philosophical practitioners for philosophical practitioners. But together with the Volkshochschule Berne we also plan public events, so that exchange and dialogue between philosophers and the general public is possible
Languages: Main language is English; there will be also two sessions in German, French and Italian (with translation into English)


You find the detailed programme here, and a visual overview here.


You find the Invitation (PDF) in different Translations here.





Organizing team: Detlef Staude, Mike Roth, Vander Lemes, Oriana Brücker, Albert Hoffmann, Imre Hofmann, Anette Fintz, Eckhart Ruschmann
Board of philopraxis.ch: Detlef Staude, Mike Roth, Imre Hofmann, Willi Fillinger, Bernadette Hagenbuch
International advisory committee: Roxana Kreimer (Argentina), Leon de Haas (Netherlands), Ran Lahav (USA, Israel), Carmen Zavala (Peru), Jorge Humberto Dias (Portugal), Michael Noah Weiss (Norway, Germany, Austria), José Barrientos Rastrojo (Spain), Anders Lindseth (Germany, Norway), Viktoria Chernenko (Russia), Aleksandar Fatic (Serbia), Young Rhee (South Korea), Peter Harteloh (Holland), Dominique Hertzer (Germany), Lydia Amir (Israel)